Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Fence

Spring Time, Mo Tilling required...
This is what the garden looked like at the end of Winter.
This year Harley ate literally everything in the garden, save some Garlic, and one Carrot.
Harley loves helping in the garden...
He loves helping so much that we need to keep him out of he garden, he's a little overzealous...
So we are taking out the garden boxes in order to run a fence from the greenhouse to the alley.
Here I have broken down all the garden boxes and emptied all the giant pots.
I am going to flatten the garden, and make one contiguous space.
This is literally Tons of dirt that I am tossing around...
The idea is to have a flat garden space that I can till with a mechanized tiller.
The fence around the garden will be welded wire so I can grow climbing plants like Beans and Cucumbers.
This changes the size of the garden considerably, from 200 Square Feet to over 600 Square Feet.
This has taken several weeks so far, I have some pros coming next weekend to help...

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  1. Well thanx for this nice pics i will use them in my program for school where we have to describe how we want to solve the world by planting some trees and other things.
    many thanks from
    Diana gartenzaun