Monday, September 17, 2012


Once I started doing this fermented foods thing it keeps getting easier, and I find that my body really likes the home made Sauerkraut more than anything I can buy at a store.  My wife is the same way about my homegrown Tomatoes, and doesn't like store bought Tomatoes any more.
And, its so easy, just Cabbage, Sea Salt, and time makes the most awesome Sauerkraut.  We're going to shred this cabbage, and Salt it liberally, stuff it in a jar, and wait for it to turn into Sauerkraut.
It took like five minutes total to prepare the Cabbage, shred it, salt it, stuff it, and done.
Then I'll add a little, maybe a cup, of brine to have a little liquid over the top of the Cabbage.
Then use another smaller jar filled with water to hold the cabbage down.  Then we wait...

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