Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hermetic Philosophy

A large part of my philosophy is based on the Hermetic Law.  Hermetic refers to Hermes Trismegitus,  who some believe to be an ancient Egyptian Philosopher, others believe is the Greek God Hermes, and or also the Egyptian God Thoth.  Still others believe that he was all three, and perceptions made people think he was three different beings.  He is also supposed to be a survivor from the sunken city of Atlantis.  Regardless of who antiquity thinks he is I think of him as wise spirit who brought us great wisdom, perhaps even godly wisdom.  The name Trismegitus means thrice great.

The Three Initiates compiled Hermes works into The Kyballion.  If there is one place you will find all of Hermes philosophy it is in The Kyballion.;sa=view;down=138

Another great being from history who supports Hermetic Law is St. Germain.  Godfrie Ray King had a significant experience with St. Germain, and wrote a book about it called Unveiled Mysteries.  While the book does not mention Hermetic Law by name the philosophies are identical.  Within the process of reading Unveiled Mysteries I had a revelation that Hermetic Law is actually Cosmic Law, and that through the ages it became know as Hermetic Law because the man that did the most work with it was named Hermes.;sa=view;down=133

Hermetic Law is the oldest philosophy that the world knows.  You can find bits of Hermetic Law in every other philosophy, religion, and faith.  Take, for instance, the phrase "As Above, So Below".  It is ubiquitous, everyone knows it, but not everyone knows that it is the Law of Correspondence from Hermetic Law.  Take a refresher course in Hermetic Law.  Read the Kyballion, and then take another long look at the world.  There is great wisdom in The Kyballion, and it is refreshing to see that the Ancient Hermetic Laws persist as The Great Spirit does.  They are just as Rock Steady as they were thousands of years ago.  Also, in the near future, we may find out that Hermetic Law is actually Cosmic Law through first hand experiences.

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