Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Fate is somewhat a mystery to us.  Is our destiny preordained, like some sort of kismet?  Or is it the natural outworking of a myriad of decisions, like a journey through an infinite fractal maze?  Some say that decision making allows us to traverse super-space, and that when we make a decision we are actually traveling between universes.  The decisions we make throughout life ultimately change our fate in minute ways.  There is a magnitude in these decisions also where small decisions change our fate little, but large, important decisions can change our fate considerably.  We are not in this alone.  Other people can affect our fate with their decision making processes.  We can start to see how the individual can affect The All, and conversely how the The All can affect the individual.  In this way we start to see how everything, The All, is a symbiosis of all of its parts.  Each individual part represents The All in a unique way, and The All affects each individual part in a general way.  Trying to predict your fate is quite analogous to the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle where we either know where we are, or where we are going, but can't know both simultaneously...

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