Monday, August 7, 2017

Bacon Garlic Brussels Sprouts

This is roughly inspired by Southern Collard Greens.  I like steamed Brussels Sprouts, but they need a little more something.  So when you need to make it better what works better than Bacon?  And to take it one step further Garlic.  Mmmm, now were cooking with gasoline...
I had picked up a Roasted Chicken, and was looking for a side dish.  I had some Brussels Sprouts.  I recently had made some Oriental Greens in the Collard Greens style, so I thought I wonder if that will work with Brussels Sprouts?  So I started with a Pan of Bacon.
That is starting a side dish right!  LOL!  In the meanwhile I'm preparing the Brussels Sprouts.  The little ones I'm keeping whole, and the larger one I'll cut in half.  I also diced ten garlic cloves.
As the Bacon finishes cooking I am going to saute the Brussels Sprouts, and Garlic in the Bacon Fat.  I added a little Olive Oil as well just to be sure all the Brussels Sprouts got some of the fat.  I'm starting to add seasoning at this point.  I'll continue to saute the Brussels Sprouts for about 10 minutes.
I'm adding Black Pepper, and Red Pepper flakes because those are my usual flavorings.  When I smoke meats I usually use Tony Chachere's Season Salt, and Black Pepper.  I'm keeping this one a little simpler.  I'm tossing this a lot, not quite as much as a stir fry, but enough to keep from scorching the Brussels Sprouts.
Then I chopped the Bacon, and added a cup of Chicken Stock.  Then we'll let this steam until the Brussels Sprouts get to the desired tenderness.  I like the Brussels Sprouts to have a little bite left when they are done.  Squishy Brussels Sprouts are not what I'm looking for.  They should hold their form when served, and not fall apart.  So, cover, and let it simmer down a while, checking them often.
There, that is perfect...

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