Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Telescope

I've had a lot of telescopes, but have never bought a new telescope, until now.  I've been using telescopes at work, and its made me want one for my self.  The Optical Tubes I use at work are Eight Inch Reflectors which have a Focal Length of 1000 Millimeters.  It's a Orion Telescope product which we purchase as an Optical Tube Assembly, Orion 203mm f/4.9 Reflector Telescope Optical Tube Assembly.  This Optical Tube Assembly is just the Optical Tube with no Eyepieces, Finder Scope, or Mount.  I want to do Astronomy at home, so I need Eyepieces, Finder Scope, and Mount.  I picked a different model for myself.  The Skyline Telescopes from Orion Telescope have the accessories that you need for Astronomical Observation.  The one I picked is an Eight Inch Reflector with a Focal Length of 1200 Millimeters, SkyLine 8" Dobsonian Reflector Telescope.  It comes with a Two Inch Eyepiece which is really neat.  I've never had one of those.  I took a look at the Full Moon last night, and it was spectacular.
This Telescope gathers more light that anything I have ever used.  Looking at the Full Moon was almost painful because it was so bright.  I went and got my Sun Glasses because the light intensity was hurting my eyes.  I'm going to need to get a Filter Set for the Eyepieces.  I also bought a Camera Mount for the 1.25 Inch Eyepiece.  I played with it a little last night, but its going to take some more experimentation to master is use.  I am looking forward to getting some Astrographs.  I took a look at Venus this morning, and it is the first time that I have seen the shape of the planet, now about half exposed, looked like a half moon.  Tonight I am looking forward to looking at Saturn, and Jupiter.  Hopefully I can snap a few shots...

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