Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 Garden

I've changed some of my methodologies concerning the garden this year.  Distributed compost in one.  Rather than making one big heap of compost I have been distributing the compost around the garden using it for mulch, and pathways.  Let the stuff breakdown where you need it.  Also I used composed cow manure, and humus for fertilizer.  Its probably been four years since I used it in the garden.  I have been trying to use only compost for fertilizer, but I found out that I need something with a little more punch.
So everywhere I planted plants, or spread seed I added both the old mulch, and the composted cow manure with humus, then tilled them into the soil.  I'm still finding some hard clay spots, but overall the soil is very much improved.I still have some of last year's plants growing like these Onions.
They may even be Shallots.  Once they get dried out, as the heat goes up, I'll pull them, and let them rest in a cool spot until Fall.  Then I'll divide the bunch, and plant them again.  I have another one I divided last Fall, and its pieces have divided again.
Here you can see a variety of sprouts.  There are Cucumbers, and Sugar Snap Peas along the fence.  Then some Habanero Chile just inside the fence.  You can see Bok Choy to the left, Romanesco Broccoli in the middle, and Daikon Radish to the right.  And lots of weeds, did I mention the weeds?  Last weekend I planted some Red Globe Radishes, and Turnips.  Also I have spread a lot of Onion seeds, and Mustard seeds in their areas.  Sprouts everywherz...

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