Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chile Garlic Shrimp

We went to get Pho at Photai, near Super H-Mart yesterday.  I had some leftovers, and needed to add a little something to them.  Also had some raw, shell on, Texas farm raised Shrimp, and have been experimenting with the shell on Shrimp lately.  So this is a pan seared version of these Shrimp.
The shell on Shrimp are whole except for the heads.  So they need to be de-veined, and marinated before cooking.  We'll slice them down the back and rinse out the vein with a dribble of cold water, dry them, and put them in a bowl to be marinated.
I have some fresh Cayenne Chiles, and Garlic to dice up really fine.  Then add some Sea Salt, and Olive oil.  Mix them together, while trying to work the marinade between the shell, and the meat.
In the meanwhile, I'm going to get a skillet hot over medium heat.  The leftover Pho needs a little attending to also.  I'll add some Fish Sauce, and water to get a little more liquid into the Pho because the noodles soaked up some of the broth, and I though it needed a little more broth.  Then heat the leftover noodles up in the microwave.

The Chile Garlic Shrimp then go into the hot skillet for a quick sear on each side.  I tried to get all the Chile, and Garlic in the skillet as well.  When the Shrimp turn pink they go on to a platter next to the Pho, and the remaining Chile, and Garlic go into the Pho.  TexViet nom-nom-lishousness...

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