Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Garden 2014 part 2

I'm finally starting to get some vegetables out of the Spring garden.
These are Better Bush II Tomatoes.  I'm letting the Tomatoes sprawl on the ground this year.
Here you can see the Cilantro has bolted, falling all over everything.
These are Sugar Snap Peas, and a really good straight off the vine.
These are one of the varieties of bean I planted, don't know which is what when they are green.
There is Harley over by the Tomato Patch.
Here are a couple Purple Kohlrabi.  They might be the weirdest vegetable I grow.
This is a narrow leaf Kale, called Lacinato Kale.
Here is the Cabbage Patch, there are some heads up too about four inches.
This is a Bhut Jolokia Chile Plant, burn your face off hot...
This one is a Cayenne Chile Plant, with some young Chiles.
Finally this is a flowering Lavender, with its long whispy flowers.

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