Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrap Bar Clamps

I had a need for some short bar clamps.  I'm trying to mill a groove in a 2x2 to make some right angle brackets.  The toggle clamps are a little to large for what I want to do, it really only needs a small bar clamp.  So, I went looking for some scraps to make bar clamps for the machine table.  I already had studs, t-slot nuts, springs, washers , and the flange nuts, just needed the clamping piece.  Previously I had used a piece of Iron from an old garage door opener to modify the Bitmoore Vise, to improve the shaft keepers.  Now that I have the Palmgren Table, the Bitmoore Vise hardly gets used.  So I scavenged a couple of pieces from the Bitmoore modification to use as bar clamps.  They are 1/4 inch by 1 inch rectangular Iron bars that already had the necessary holes in them.  This turned out to be a quick fix because I had already done the work 6 months ago...  Its like free, LOL!

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