Monday, September 1, 2014

Potato and Egg Breakfast Tacos

Possibly my favorite breakfast food is Potato, and Egg breakfast Tacos.  Simple, but hearty, they are not overcomplicated with too many ingredients.  I don't want that heavy, need a nap feeling after breakfast, gotz work to do.  The thing that make mine so good is butter, everything is cooked in butter.
Usually I used shredded Hash Browns as the Potato part.  This time I have a leftover baked Potato.  Take a tablespoon of butter, in a skillet, and brown the diced baked Potato for a few minutes before adding two scrambled eggs.  The tortillas will cook in a small amount of butter on a Cast Iron Griddle.
Cooking the Tortillas gives them more flavor, but were not looking to cook them until they are crispy.  The Butter, and Sea Salt also enhance the flavor of the Tortillas.  When the Potatoes have some color dump the scrambled Eggs into the skillet with the Potatoes.
When everything is cooked assemble them on a serving plate, and I serve them with my Loco Casa Salsa, or Crazy House Sauce, which is my usual homemade Salsa with Cayenne, Jalapeno, Cumin, and Sea Salt.

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